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Charlotte Richardson: mature student gets into Birmingham City University after access to HE course 

Charlotte Richardson studied Access to Higher Education (Humanities) at Leicester College. Her new qualification enabled her to progress to Birmingham City University, where she is now studying Children and Integrated Professional Care.

Here’s what she had to say about returning to education, life at university and her plans to work in the child protection sector.

“My time at Leicester College definitely helped to get me into university,” said Charlotte. “At college I learned to be more confident in sharing my opinions and counter arguments, and that has been very important on my course.”

The Humanities Access to Higher Education Diploma at Leicester College is a one year course designed to help mature learners return to education and apply for university. At the same time they study a range of topics related to their intended university course, such as History, English Literature and Sociology.

“So far at university I have met wonderful new people who share the same vision as me,” said Charlotte. “I also had the opportunity to go to Taiwan for three weeks to learn about the culture and volunteer with the elders in the community and at a junior school.

After university Charlotte hopes to work in the child protection sector.

“Getting used to living away from home and having to make all new friends has definitely been a challenge for me,” she said, ”But I’ve learnt that it is important not to give up. It’s going to get really hard before you see it starting to pay off. But the long days in the library, and the days in college when it feels like you could be having more fun elsewhere are so worth it in the end. And ask for help if you need it. I can’t stress that enough.”


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