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Faye Johnson: Assistant Buyer for Sainsbury’s started out as a Fashion Costume student at Leicester College

Faye is an Assistant Clothing Buyer for Sainsbury’s. Her job means she is responsible for buying girls wear clothing for TU at Sainsbury’s as well as developing products, garment fit, cost negotiation, analyzing sales and range planning.


Her career journey began when she did her foundation degree in Fashion and Costume at Leicester College. Now making strides in her fashion career, Faye spoke to our Alumni Team about how Leicester College helped her to succeed.


“I knew I wanted to do something creative and in fashion, however I wanted to figure out exactly what was right for me and which path to take. Studying this course at Leicester College let me explore a few different options and led me to where I am now.


“The variety of the course helped me decide on what I enjoyed and what I didn’t so much,” said Faye. “I knew that I still wanted to be creative, however work in a commercial environment. The course enabled me to learn technical skills that I use in my job today, as well as how to network and build my professionalism.


“Thanks to my skills I am able to excel as an Assistant Buyer. My proudest moments include making good commercial decisions that turn into best sellers for the business and helping to push supermarket fashion and growing our market share.”


“There’s a lot of competition in my industry and role. My greatest challenge has been the high competition from others wanting to succeed in a similar path to me,” said Faye. “My advice to other students from Leicester College is to get all of the experience you can, and always be aware of what is going on around you so you are enabled to make the right decision.


“My next goal is to become a Category Buyer in the next five years, and ultimately to become a Buyer and manage a whole department.”

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