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Jenish Chandracim: Software Development student finds success in his industry

Jenish ChandracimJenish Chandracim studied his BTEC Extended Diploma in Software Development and Website Design at Leicester College. Now a successful Software Developer, Jenish told us about how Leicester College gave him the tools to succeed, his time at university, and what he has learned about the world of work.

“I always knew what I wanted to do, however I didn’t know how to get there,” said Jenish. “The advice provided during my college course allowed me to find paths to get there. Also, maintaining a good networking relationship with people allowed me to successfully progress to university and I spent a year in industry to improve my skills.”

“The course I took at Leicester College gave me a taste of what is like developing software products,” said Jenish. “The assignments prepared me for university and I learnt skills that are technical, to do with people and many other transferable skills.”

Jenish studied a BA in Computer Science at De Montfort University.

“The fact that I successfully completed college with top grades, although I only learned English one year before that, is a proud achievement for me. I successfully undertook a year out in industry after my second year in university and now I’ve now successfully completed by degree and have secured a job in industry.”

Jenish is a Web Developer for MMT Digital, where he works in a team developing software products, dealing with clients and training other people.

He had some advice for other alumni hoping to progress to university:

“Use time wisely,” he said. “It is important to have a part time job throughout your studies to show motivation and improve many different skills. This will really prepare you for your dream job. Also, have a stable social life, as it is essential to have friends and learn how to be adaptable. Many jobs will provide opportunities of traveling and being with people you would never normally meet.”

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