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Jolanta Carter: “My time at Leicester College helped me to realise that learning is for life”

Jolanta studied her Education and Training Award at Leicester College.

“My time at Leicester College helped me to realise that learning is for life,” she said. “There are always new things to be learned and new knowledge to be acquired if we want to be at the top of our abilities and fulfil our potential.”

She has also taken courses in Sage Accounting, Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, all to prepare herself for success on the job market.

Jolanta’s background is in accounting and financial management, but her passion lies in the education industry and is currently planning to take the next step in her education to help her get there.

“In 5 years time I see myself in the classroom full of students who are hungry for knowledge,” she said of her teaching ambitions. “ I feel that when I finally arrive where I think I belong this won’t be just a job but a great career and an opportunity to create an environment in which people learn not only about chosen subject but also about life skills. I want to teach people to see a connection between continued personal development and a life that is fulfilling, inspiring, exiting and dedicated to serving others.

“Leicester College has a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere, with dedicated and very helpful staff,” she said. The teachers are knowledgeable and very approachable, most of them will go that extra mile so the students benefit 100% from the time spent at college.”

“I am planning to return to do another educational course soon. I hope to fulfil my dream by finding out what I need to do to become confident and charismatic teacher who can make a difference in someone else life,” she said. “I have been helping others whilst on the courses I am studying right now and many people turn to me with questions on how to do certain tasks. I love helping others as this gives me great sense of achievement and satisfaction.”

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