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Puja Singh: Leicester College graduate is the Co-Founder of Sweetist, an online marketplace for New York bakeries

Puja SinghPuja Singh studied Digital photography at Leicester College in order to produce beautiful, quality food images for her business.

“I always wanted to be in the hospitality business,” said Puja. “I did have my own restaurant and hotel for 10 years. I took the digital photography course to be able to take quality photos for the food we were producing. When I moved to the States, I met my business partner and it went from there.

“I have had my own businesses for the most part of my adult career! Being an entrepreneur means that I have had to be jack of all trades and master of nothing but in doing that the skills I have developed have been immense – particularly delegation and multi-tasking. BD, Operations, Product testing are my current responsibilities but managing business operations plays a big part of my responsibility too.”

“The photography skills from my course at Leicester College have been hugely helpful in my work,” said Puja. “I have taken photos for my bakery e-marketplace – this has been really helpful – as a result I can save money by doing some photo shoots myself, but more importantly when talking to photographers and asking for what I want I know what I am talking about.

“Breaking it in New York has been a very proud career moment. I am fortunate enough to have a wife that has supported me while I chose to go into business with my partner in creating the world’s only e-commerce bakery marketplace. Now we are expanding to Brooklyn and other cities in the US.

“I want to have a well-recognized brand and roll out my product internationally.”

Puja had some advice for her fellow alumni, too: “Hard work and perseverance are vital – don’t compare yourself to others – look to others for inspiration and just work smart and hard.”

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