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Rosemary Baker: Leicester College helped me succeed in my Law career

Rosemary Baker took the ECDL Flexiqual course at Leicester College to help grow her career in the world of law. After finding success as a Lime Practice Co-ordinator, our former learner agreed to talk to our Alumni team about her time at Leicester College and how she has progressed from a Legal Secretary to where she is today.

“I sort of fell in to the world of law,” said Rosemary. “I started off as a Junior Secretary, then progressed to Senior Secretary, before becoming a PA and then an IT Trainer.”

“Taking the ECDL Flexiqual course at Leicester College has certainly helped me to gain career progression. “I’m now a Practice Co-ordinator, which involves looking after the needs of a team of over 40 individuals across 6 nationwide offices, and also promoting our people and brand internally and externally,” she said.

“Being asked to become the Lime Practice Co-ordinator was a huge personal career highlight, because it meant that my skills and personality were recognised as being of value in such a role to the company.”

“I believe the ECDL Flexiqual has helped me to do the job I do today. Particularly, I am armed with extra skills in Excel and Powerpoint, allowing me to show accurate, clear and interesting data, which in turn helps me to promote my team both inside and outside the organisation.”

She told the Leicester College Alumni team about two major projects that have been particularly challenging, but she was able to face them to thanks to her training and dedication.

“After an internal restructure of the secretarial staff within the firm I had to project manage setting up a Document Production Centre,” she said. “The whole process involved a lot of testing, marking, training and organisation to hit the go live date, but the end result was a success.

“Then, after receiving a very large batch of work from another firm (over 530 files) earlier than had been anticipated by anyone, I had to ensure that all the files were set up quickly, correctly; that the clients were contacted straight away and the files were passed onto the correct file handlers.”

“My career is constantly evolving into bigger and better things,” said Rosemary. “Whatever job you are doing, whether it is a really mundane job or a really exciting job, it’s important to always do your very best at it, with an upbeat attitude and good manners. Sometimes when you are in a role you wonder why you are doing it but, it is not until you look back on your career history that you realise ‘that’s why that happened’.”

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