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Steve Harris: “My ultimate goal is to keep making a difference… everyday,” says former student

Steve HarrisSupport Worker, Steve, attended Leicester College to take courses that would enhance his skills in his vital work at Rush House Ltd, a charitable organisation dedicated to helping homeless or inappropriately accommodated young people.


“I never knew what I wanted to do for a career, but I always found that I liked helping people,” said Steve. “Working at Rush House is perfect for me as I can help make a difference to peoples’ lives, sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways. It all helps!


“Leicester College enabled me to have more knowledge of the client group that I work with. It improved me as a worker but also as a person,” he said.


Steve took courses in ‘Behaviour that Challenges’ as well as ‘Principles of Team Leading.’ He says: “I am now able to make more of an impact with my work. Both courses allowed me to work more positively with young people with issues.”


Steve’s main responsibilities as a Support Worker for Rush House Ltd are to support young homeless people aged 16-25 years old, helping them to gain independence and to be able to manage their accommodation, their finances and self care.


“When a young person leaves Rush House to move into their own accommodation it gives you the best feeling,” he said. “It’s one of the highlights of the job.”


Steve wants to stay working at Rush House Ltd for the foreseeable future.


“In five years’ time I want to be doing what I enjoy, but hopefully with further progression through the company. My ultimate goal is to keep making a difference… everyday.”


Steve also spoke about some of the challenges that come with this extremely rewarding career choice. “Working with young people who have problematic behaviour can be a challenge, “ he said. “You have to break down barriers to be able to support them and help them to be who they have the potential to be.


“It is the most rewarding job you will ever do,” said Steve. “It’s not easy, it can be challenging, it can be upsetting, it can make you pull your hair out. But it’s definitely worth it.”

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