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Yogita Parvin: You’re very lucky if you are studying at Leicester College 

Former student, Yogita Parvin, left Leicester College with a BTEC National Diploma in Business Level 3.


Her well-earned qualification helped her get a place at Staffordshire University, where she received a BA in Advertising and Brand Management in 2016. Now working towards her Master’s in Graphic Design, our ambitious former student agreed to speak to the Leicester College Alumni Team about her experiences of college life, university and her plans for the future.


How Leicester College helped Yogita get where she is today 


“I could have gone in the wrong direction but because of my lecturer at Leicester College I am in the right place in my education,” said Yogita. “He used to encourage me to do better in my advertising and marketing modules, as I was good at design and market research.


“I remember how confident I used to feel when I used to attend his lectures, it never bored me, as the topics were interesting and at the end of his sessions, we used to do a quick Q&A session. I got distinctions in those four modules.
“By doing the Business Studies course at Leicester College I have gained good knowledge of business management, an understanding of finance, advertising, marketing and human resources. I can utilise all of  these skills in the future.”


Life at university 


“I belong to the creative and art faculty and the best part of my university journey was to using all of the facilities provided by the university,” said Yogita. “I have learnt a lot during my bachelors, such as ceramics, photography, screen printing, plus software such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator and many more.

“I enjoy photography, I take my camera everywhere with me. Recently my photos were selected to be published twice in the Leicester Mercury’s newspaper. I also worked for Leicester Mercury’s Weekend Take Over in 2016.”


Overcoming obstacles 


“The challenging part of my journey was to talk to other students and make new friends,” said Yogita. “I was a very shy person whilst at Leicester College and I was not confident enough to talk to my classmates. But I did challenge myself and joined the International Student Group.


“I became an International Student Mentor at Staffordshire University which was a volunteering job. The challenge was when I had to do a presentation in front of over 100 international students and share my experiences at Staffordshire University. I’ve been working with them for about three years now and it gives me satisfaction when I help other students who are struggling.


“You’re very lucky if you are studying at Leicester College,” said Yogita. “It opens up vast opportunities for students. Use their facilities, ask questions if you don’t understand, make new friends, don’t be in the same circle as you were in your school time, you will learn a lot from people who are from different cultural backgrounds. Join the volunteering group, sports teams, dance classes and make new friends. You won’t realise and appreciate the help and support you got from your college until you finish your studies and graduate with good grades.”



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