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Britain’s most in-demand workers – and how to join them

Looking for a new job can be hard work, so wouldn’t it be better if employers were fighting over you? Pursuing a career in a shortage occupation can have plenty of advantages, with rising pay and more choice over where to work. Of course, businesses won’t just hire anyone to fill the gap. They’re looking [Read more…]

Four tips for productive work meetings

If time is money, how much of it are we spending in work meetings that never seem to go anywhere? A lot, if the Harvard Business Review is to be believed: its writers studied one large company and found that 300,000 hours a year went into supporting its executive committee’s meetings. So getting meetings under [Read more…]

How augmented reality could transform the workplace

If Silicon Valley is to be believed, it’s the next big thing. Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that can combine realistic digital visuals dynamically with the real world, as viewed through your phone camera or dedicated goggles. Companies like Apple and Google are betting big on the technology, putting it at the heart of the [Read more…]

Seven steps to becoming your own boss

It’s one of the most common career dreams: what if you were the one in charge, with the freedom to choose your own hours and set the direction of the business yourself? In fact, according to research by recruitment specialist Robert Half, about three out of ten employees dream of saying goodbye to the boss [Read more…]

How to juggle work and study

So, you’ve decided that gaining a new qualification is a vital part of climbing the next rung of the career ladder. Congratulations – but you’re probably wondering how you’re going to fit it all in. Studying is demanding enough when you’re focusing on it full-time. But many mature students returning to education after a spell [Read more…]