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Workplace problems: lack of employee training

Richard Branson famously said once: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”   A lack of employee training can lead to significantly negative side effects for the workplace and the overall business. Here are just some of them:   Low morale Most employees like to [Read more…]

Tricks to stop spending all of your time on email

If you’re an office worker, you may find it unsurprising that we spend an average of 4.1 hours a day checking work emails – that’s more than 20 hours a week and more that 1000 hours a year.   All that time spent reading, replying, scrolling, forwarding, CCing and crafting those perfectly worded emails is [Read more…]

Should you go back to college? Things to consider

Studying as an adult can bring you enormous benefits, whether you want to change your career, gain skills to get that promotion or learn something that interests you just for the fun of it. Going back to college could lead to:   Improvements in physical and mental well-being Increased confidence and positive attitude Career progression General life satisfaction [Read more…]

Online tools to help you focus at work

Are you constantly being distracted from your work by the irresistible urge to check your social media? Or do you struggle with the noise and interruptions that come from working in close quarters in a busy office? Perhaps you’re just trying to do too much at once and need help focussing on your priorities in [Read more…]