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The golden rules of LinkedIn etiquette

First impressions are vital on LinkedIn. You just have to think about how long people spend looking at a LinkedIn profile. Different reports suggest this can be anything from 10 seconds to a minute. Either way, you don’t have much time to impress them.   Luckily, our golden rules of LinkedIn etiquette can help you [Read more…]

Workplace problems: What to do when your boss expects too much

The first article in a new series where we take an in-depth look at common workplace problems.   Dealing with this particular dilemma requires a delicate balance between two things: Wanting to impress your boss and not let them down Agreeing to do too much and setting yourself up for high stress and/or failure   [Read more…]

How to make your brain better at retaining information as an adult

Children are better at retaining information than adults – but why? It’s because your brain reaches its peak performance between the ages of 15 and 16, before your cognitive function starts to decline.   It’s not all bad news though. You can actually halt and even reverse this decline through working-out your brain just like you would your [Read more…]

Career Guide: Working for a non-profit organisation

Want a career where you can make a positive impact on the world? You may want to consider working for a non-profit organisation. Here’s what you need to know.   Non-profit organisations are businesses that work to make a difference in the world, typically though charitable, educational, scientific or religious means. They are so-called because [Read more…]