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Mubashar R: Leicester College sparked a journey of lifelong learning which he is still continuing on today

Mubashar Raja studied his ICM Diploma Level 5 in Retail Training at Leicester College in 2011. Now a Director of Marketing and Sales for a coal company, Mubashar spoke to our Alumni Team about climbing the career ladder and his ambition to get a PhD. 


“I worked as a Sales Executive at EMARAT in Dubai for four years before leaving the job to move back home to join my family business,” he said. “I was enthusiastic about getting higher levels of knowledge in the field of marketing so I went to the UK and got my ICM Diploma Level 5 in Retail Training from Leicester College.” 


As well as essential skills in marketing and sales, Mubashar said his time at Leicester College gave him the “enthusiasm” he needed to get him where he is today. 


After getting his new qualification, Mubashar returned home, where he says his “quest for knowledge did not stop there.” Mushabar’s time at college had sparked a journey of lifelong learning which he is still continuing on today. 


“Next I did a Masters degree in Business ADM and then Marketing from a local university at home,” he said. “During that time I achieved my proudest career moment. During my first semester I was able to produce a piece of research which was published in a peer review journal. My ultimate career goal is now to become a Research Scholar.” 


Mubashar also spoke to our Alumni Team about the challenges he has faced and the lessons he has learned along the way.  


“Decision making is always a challenge,” he said. “This is because your decisions have an impact.The world around us is governed by how we make decisions. I believe with knowledge we are able to make good decisions. The challenge is that as a human we are not pretty sure about the outcome of our decisions in most cases. The best thing you can do therefore is to work with honesty, enthusiasm and ethics.” 


Thanks for your time Mubashar, we wish you the best of luck with your future! 

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