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Our Alumni’s real-life public speaking advice

Public speaking is a subject that can strike fear into people’s hearts – so we thought we would ask some members of the alumni group for their own pearls of wisdom on the topic. If you have a fear of speaking in front of people or need help perfecting your elevator pitch you can learn a [Read more…]

How to be more assertive at work

Being assertive is not about being overly aggressive and forceful. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. Assertiveness is the ability to get your point across in a clear, confident, diplomatic manner that makes people want to listen to you, rather than forcing them to.   “Assertiveness involves advocating for yourself in a way that is [Read more…]

Interview advice you should ignore

Being prepared for an interview is extremely important. Almost everyone has a different opinion on how to interview well. However, whilst there’s plenty of advice out there, it pays to be discerning as to which bits you follow and which bits you don’t. We scoured the internet for the ‘classic’ interview tips it’s probably best [Read more…]

Successful women give their tips for balancing a family and a career

Plenty of former students of Leicester College have shown how to get a qualification and have a career alongside having a family. With the growth in the number of employers offering flexible working patterns, part-time opportunities, plus greater support, it’s possible to balance the needs of a family with your career and learning ambitions. We [Read more…]