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Relieve stress with these creative short courses

Relieve stress

Being creative can bring huge benefits to your health and wellbeing.


Studies have shown that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body.


Stress can cause health problems such as heart disease, digestive disorders, susceptibility to viral illnesses and depression, so reducing your stress through creative endeavours can have knock-on benefits for your physical wellbeing too.


Engaging in creative pursuits also improves your brain function. Practicing a creative skill increases your ability to learn by exercising your brain to make it better at retaining information and skills. Not only this, but it helps preserve the function of your brain as you get older too. It improves the communication between different parts of your brain which not only prevents cognitive deterioration but also enhances our memories.


Other studies have shown that creative activities such as writing, painting, drawing and sculpting can preserve your memory and prevent dementia, with middle and old age participants being 73% less likely to have memory and thinking problems. Those engaging in crafts such as sewing, woodworking and ceramics were 45% less likely to encounter those problems.


Studies have shown that creative activities can improve your mood, which in turn increases your likelihood of engaging in more creative endeavours.


Need more reasons to get creative? Be inspired by our creative courses below:


Adobe Illustrator for beginners: enhance your graphical knowledge and learn how to create simple shapes and logos, as well as getting to grips with tools


Just jewellery: Join us for an introduction to basic jewellery making techniques, including piercing, hammering, drilling, soldering and polishing


Pattern cutting: Take your dewing skills to the next level by learning how to pattern cut your own garments


Upholstery and soft furnishings: designed for complete beginners to gain skills to upholster a piece of their own furniture, or make a curtain or quilt


Beginners guide to song-writing: gain some solid hints and tips on writing songs

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