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Speak to Learners

Share the knowledge and experience you’ve gained since leaving college with current learners


Speaking to learners is a brilliant opportunity to share your knowledge with those who will really benefit from listening to what you have to say. By sharing your experiences since leaving college, you can help the learners to make informed decisions about what they want to achieve from their future. This could be talking to current college learners or perhaps younger learners at your former school – giving them some real life insight into the ‘college experience’ and the journey from school to college to career.


Hearing from someone who has been in their position can really help learners understand what options are available to them when they start their career. This is all the more valuable coming from someone they can relate to, so whatever advice and experience you can share is greatly appreciated.


If you are interested in coming in to speak to learners and sharing what you have learnt throughout your career then please fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss what dates are available and organise a time for you to come in.